Wojciech Przybyła

The Happy Warrior

About me

Wojciech Przybyła, the son of Jarosław. 180 cm tall, 70 kg of pure mass, -0.5 dioptre in my left eye. I live in Łąkie – in fact there's nothing special there, maybe aside from the capital of the Netherlands.


Where I shine

  • ability to listen
  • knowledge about many things
  • professionalism
  • large vocabulary

Where I shine a bit less

  • sometimes I can't help
  • not a master of anything
  • sometimes it's hard to break the ice
  • sometimes words aren't enough


Job experience

I'm known for many things


...but first and foremost, I'm known as...

WPWW: the IT

Due to my education at the vocational school, I am able to create websites, i.e. I have the knowledge HTML, CSS, JS (also jQuery), PHP and SQL. On top of that, I am well versed in the MS Office applications, as well as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The websites you are currently seeing have been constructed from the scratch by me.

Some of my online code is available here:

Program repository


The man of many talents

Aside from the ones mentioned on this site, I also have, among others, the following experience:

kim jestem

WPWW: the musician

I began to have contact with music in the early years of my life, when as a small child I received a tiny keyboard as a gift, on which I eventually created my first compositions. My parents probably thought that I was doing well, as they bought me a dilapidated guitar at a flea market – I handled it well enough that, at the suggestion of teachers and parents, I was sent to a music school, where I acquired the knowledge of theory and the opportunity to practice.

After graduating from the school, I decided to get experienced on other instruments. Fascinated by the world of wind instruments, I soon came into possession of the trumpet, saxophone, etc.

I use my skills and musical talent to support various bands. In terms of musical tastes, I don't ignore any genre completely. Jazz and hard-rock/metal are the most valuable for me, though.


From the start of my music works, I created 324 projects. Check out my projects

Bands I play with

Music services

Having many years of music experience up my sleeve, I can help you in many things, such as:

Learn more about my services

Lightstream M&E


A one-man band and WPWW's main artistic activity, usually playing a mixture of hard rock and jazz.

Learn more about LM&ECheck out all of my songs here

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